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Safe Browsing Site Status

Check the status of your site here.

Google - This site may be hacked

Note: You site may still contain malware yet not show up Google list - yet.

Has your website been hacked?

If your website has malware on it, your hosting account's security was compromised and someone has uploaded malicious software (i.e. malware) to it.

Let's check your website first...

Go to http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=your domain name — if your website has malware, it should show a warning here.

What they're doing

Attackers on your site might try to trick your visitors to download software or steal your information (for example passwords, messages, or credit card information).

What Pueblo Web Design can do to help

Step one is get your website cleaned up and remove and/or repair the invected files..

We'll reroute your website through a firewall. This will add a level of protecting moving forward.

We'll monitor the site for future attacks.

We'll notify Google that your site has been cleaned.


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